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A Place for You

God has a place just for you!  Yes you!  God doesn’t need us all, but He wants all of us!  He has given us unique and special gifts. 

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 
“For I know the plans I have for you”…declares the Lord.  

He has a plan for you, but what is that plan?  We are all meant to serve!  What area does He have for you?  We believe at New Fire each one of us can have an impact on our world!  We have serving opportunities of all kinds.

Check out the different teams we have at New Fire that might be a good fit for you and the gifts that God has given you!

Host Team

This team is the energetic welcoming team!  You would greet people as they arrive at New Fire.  We strongly believe in true connections, real care for people whether it’s their 1st or 100th time attending.  Our job is to make all feel welcome and comfortable during the services.  

New Fire Kids

Working to lead kids to become knowledgeable in the word, learn stories Jesus taught, by becoming devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  Different classes and age groups from 3-17 in small group settings with fun interactive learning!  

Tech & Worship team

Lead others closer to Jesus in worship.  Serving onstage or behind the scenes with lighting, sound board and more by guiding them to a deeper walk and connection to God through worship.

Social Media team

We believe the church does not solely exist within the walls of the church building but is called into our communities.  Part of the way in which we answer that call is through our social media outlets.  This team works to build relationships on social media by engaging & encouraging people via comments in many social media platforms.