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Welcome to New Fire!

We're Excited to See You

Many first-time visitors to a church don’t know what to expect. Hopefully this page will give you an idea of what to expect as you plan to visit New Fire.

What to expect:

We want you to feel at home here at New Fire, so come as you are.  Dress code?!  No such thing here, come in what makes you comfortable!!  We look forward to meeting you as you are!


  • You will be greeted/treated like long time friends when you first arrive at New Fire.  We want all to feel welcome and loved.
  • Energetic Worship Service for all to enjoy. 
  • An engaging word taken from the Bible by one of the Pastors.  
  • Sunday school classes for ages 3-17 are held during the message for adults.  A Nursery is available for 0-3!  Fun, exciting classes to keep the kids engaged.
  • A service usually last 1-1.5 hours.  
  • A fun, exciting experience for all ages!

There is a place for YOU!

God has made each one of us with special talents and gifts!  No one is alike!  That means he has a place for you!  You can make an impact in ways others can’t!  What might be your perfect place to serve?